Using Robert's Indicators

Rob Hoffman By Adrian on Aug 26, 2019

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Rob Hoffman - Using Robert's Indicators

This 3 hour course systematically looks at Roberts trading setup including all of his charts, actual indicators, the settings for each of the indicators, and thorough discussion of how he creates his well respected and critical support and resistance levels.

Topics and Tips Covered:

  • 120 minute chart, Bollinger Band constriction and non conventional
  • 15 minute charts and multiple time frame charts
  • 20 MA, Bollinger bands, ADX, MACD, RSI and Macro trend
  • ADX – indicates strength of move not direction of trend
  • Calculating support and resistance levels
  • Daily chart, RSI
  • Divergance trading and MACD Non conventional approach
  • E mini, ES daily chart and DOW and Nasdaq daily chart
  • Edwards and McGee
  • Electronic trading, overnight trading and volume
  • eSignal Pro version
  • eSignal, VIX, VWAP setup and standard indicators
  • Fibanocci numbers
  • Floor pivots, DWM pivots and Fibinocci number
  • Higher time frame has more validity
  • Indicator listing with setups
  • Monthly S and P and RSI 14 period
  • Moving averages and MACD divergance
  • Moving averages and Speedlines
  • News media motives, flavor of the day, Crude oil and S & P chart
  • Overhaul indicators and MyPivots
  • Parabolic move – Crude oil – Price action only – ultra parabolic blowoff
  • Pay your dues vs indicators
  • Pivots, support and resistance levels
  • PP – Primary Pivot
  • Price Action vs others (Relative importance) and Indicators
  • Price Memory
  • Price Pivot points – V formations
  • Price touches
  • Primary screen view or cockpit and autopilot
  • Proprietary Indicators
  • Proshares, futures, options and futures tax advantages
  • RSI
  • RSI entry levels and non conventional approach
  • S and P futures trading switch and DOW indicator
  • Sceen layout, support resistance, ADX RSI, VIX etc
  • SPYder 10 minute chart and 190 period Simple MA
  • SSO and MA setup
  • Stock trading and YouTube videos, RSI MA MACD
  • Support and Resistance Bandwidth
  • Support and Resistance levels are drawn manually
  • Support and Resistance levels, Pivot points, WWW page — VERY IMPORTANT
  • Traders becoming investors
  • Trading channels
  • Trading hours webinar
  • VIX
  • VIX correlation to S and P trading (inverse relationship)
  • VWAP to determine support and resistance levels
  • YM Dow futures and Pivot Points – Primary Pivot of the day

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