MotiveWave Ultimate v4.2.8
(Oct 2015) By Pije76 on Jun 5, 2019

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The MotiveWave Ultimate Edition is a comprehensive advanced charting and trading platform. It has ALL of our features and functionality so there are NO Modules to add on. It has:

Please Note: MotiveWave Editions do not include data. You may connect directly or import data from any of our supported Brokers / Data Services. All prices in U.S. Dollars. Regional sales taxes may apply.

MotiveWave Software is a well-established developer of easy-to-use full-featured charting, analysis and trading software built for the individual trader. Our product “MotiveWave” has very advanced charting and drawing tools that are highly customizable and yet still easy-to-use, and also specializes in advanced analysis tools like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Gartley, Gann and Ratio Analysis. Plus, MotiveWave has all of the features (and more) that you would expect in a professional standalone trading platform, including scanners, strategy trading, custom strategies, backtesting, optimization (genetic and exhaustive), replay mode, walk-forward testing, reporting, and trade simulation.

MotiveWave has a product to fit any budget and trading style and is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms. MotiveWave Software is a privately held company based in Toronto, ON with users worldwide.

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