Market Dynamics
(P&F Software)

Clay Allen By Marc on Sep 10, 2019

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Clay Allen - Market Dynamics (P&F Software)


  • Free software for long-term point and figure charts of relative strength
  • The system covers almost 5000 U.S. stocks and ADRs 
  • Charts are long-term - based on four years of price data 
  • Performance Alarm - Automatic warning when a stock starts to under-perform 
  • Software is sent to users on a DVD - daily data updates by email 
  • Daily updates include several computer screens to identify attractive stocks 
  • Regular reports 
    • Buylist 
    • Major bases for stocks in the S&P500, S&P400 and the S&P600 - monthly 
    • Long-term relative strength screens - best and worst 
    • Report that covers over 250 ETF charts - weekly 
    • TPARC report - Trend analysis and evaluation on stocks with an analyst's rating change - click on second opinion tab above 
    • Industry and sub-group chart analysis with individual stock charts 
    • Investment ratings on stocks report - users request ratings by email - click of stock ratings tab above
  • Users can easily set up watch lists and portfolio lists for review
  • Charts of individual stocks can be saved easily for inclusion in reports and emails 
  • Learn long-term charting of relative strength - click on tutorial tab above 
  • Free book - Winning The Performance Game by W. Clay Allen CFA - click on the free book tab above 
  • Free trial subscription for three months - click on free DVD tab above 
  • Market Dynamics includes a weekly memo on investing and portfolio management - click on the weekly memos tab above 
  • Performance on the buylist for the past ten years - click on the performance tests tab above 
  • Market Dynamics provides a graphical system for measuring relative return versus risk for individual stocks to ensure improved portfolio performance

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