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Mike Buchanan By Michael on Dec 12, 2018

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Improving your organization’s profitability can only be achieved in three ways: increase prices, increase sales volumes or reduce costs. Competitive pressures are making the first two options increasingly difficult, which leaves cost reduction as the key option available. Profitable Buying Strategies shows you a long term, structured approach to cost reduction through smart procurement practices. This straightforward guide explains the philosophy and psychology of buying; buying concepts, tools and techniques; changes that deliver cost reduction; market testing; outsourcing and insourcing; negotiation and the legal aspects; e-procurement; and organizational issues. A plethora of case studies, and appendices outlining the successful cost reduction drives of a number of major organizations, give you a real world explanation of cost reduction and procurement options to help you make your enterprise more profitable.


“All you need to know about reducing your procurement costs..And it’s written in plain English, for a change.” — David Oxland, Global Procurement Director, Baxi plc

“Everything you wanted to know about supplier cost reduction, but were afraid to ask..All in a no-nonsense, no-jargon manner that will appeal to any executive.” — Jon Hughes, Executive Chairman, Future Purchasing

“The author draws on his years of experience by illustrating ‘real world’ examples for the reader. This is done well both in the main text and in the more detailed case studies..” — Stephen Hayers, Vice President, Services Procurement, BT

“This book condenses 25 years’ learning into a week’s reading. If you are charged with cost reduction, read it.” — Andrew Heslop, Trading Director, NHS Supply Chain

“This book is full of personal experience, valuable case studies and down-to-earth advice. A great book for both purchasing and non-purchasing executives.” — Mark Ralf, Group Purchasing & Property Director, Bupa

Book Description

Profitable Buying Strategies gives you practical and proven advice on effective cost reduction techniques which you can employ immediately in your business. The book shows how you can improve your staff’s skills in negotiation, e-procurement, market testing, outsourcing and sustainable buying to deliver real cost savings for your company.

About the Author

Mike Buchanan has 25 years of senior-level experience in procurement, almost all within major private sector organizations, in many market sectors. He is now a highly successful procurement consultant – and the Chief Executive of a UK-based procurement consultancy, LPS.

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