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Kevin Kraus By Daniel on Jul 28, 2019

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Kevin Kraus - Advanced Options Trading

As an active trader in today’s market,you are faced with unprecedented challenges. Dramaticprice swings in equity, debt, and currency havemade it tougher than ever to manage and trade risk.But with great risk, of course, comes great opportunity―and Advanced Options Trading delivers adetailed system for successfully trading options in ahighly volatile and unpredictable global market.

Noted options educator and owner of his ownbrokerage house, Kevin M. Kraus explains the bestpractices for using options to capture premium,reduce equity purchase prices, manage the costs ofbuying options, and control portfolio risk―criticalskills for finding steady profits in our ever-shiftingeconomic landscape. He offers a close examinationof the nature of volatility and what it means forinvestors, whether they’re just getting started orare veterans of the options market.

Advanced Options Trading covers:

Options are among the most valuable tools forhedging and risk management, and they alsofunction as profitable investment vehicles, allowingyou to make bearish trades through radicalmarket shifts.

Advanced Options Trading provides a solid foundationon the options market, along with the necessaryskills for trading and managing risk in today’s constantlyexpanding and contracting market.

About the Author

Kevin M. Kraus is the president of Ember Financial,an online and retail service brokerage firmthat offers 24-hour online access, market education,and support. He is the creator of Kevin Kraus’sOption Tutor Course and author of the book Howto Start Trading Options. Kevin has more than20 years of experience in investing, trading, andmarket education.

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