How To

Create Shared Links

Sharing Note

1. Login to you pCloud account

At the moment portal only accept pCloud account so you have to register a pCloud account if you do not have one.
Click here to register a new account with 10GB for free.
Or you can try premium account with 500GB in 30 days for free.

2. Create a folder for the course that you want to share

Create folder name with syntax "Author – Course Name (Format)"
Ex. "Author ABC - Course Name XYZ (Audio Book)"

3. Upload all the files of the courses to above folder

Should not compress all the files/folders, but please keep all the files and folders of the package for reviewing purpose.
You should use the pCloud Drive to sync all you files in system to pCloud.

4. Share your Links

Move mouse on the course folder and click share button and click "Share Download Link".
Copy the shared download link and submit to share your links.

- Thankyou.