Sepharial Arcana - Rubber

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Sacredscience - Sepharial Arcana - Rubber

Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition Published: 1929.

This isprobably a Sepharial Arcana, though there is no stated author, it looksthe same format, and we’ll probably know for sure when several people seeit. Anyway, a very interesting astrofinance work with some quite differentanalyses. Contents: Rubber’s Ruler; The Apsides; Aphelion & Perihelion;Effects of Orbital Distance From Sun On Appreciation & Depreciation ofShare Values; The Orbit; Eccentricity; Variations in Irregularity ofMotion; Share Value Correlations; The Economic Factor; The ArtificialFactor; The Variable Factor; Planetary Rulers of Each Decan; DecanSignificators; Perturbations. We have a cyclic trend, a major indicationand a minor indication, and a right estimate of these factors will induceto correct apprehension of the Market’s course.

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