Introduction To Econometrics
(3rd Ed.)

Christopher Dougherty By Paul on Jun 26, 2019

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Christopher Dougherty - Introduction to Econometrics (3rd Ed.)

Introduction to Econometrics provides students with clear and simple mathematics notation and step-by step explanations of mathematical proofs to give them a thorough understanding of the subject. Extensive exercises are incorporated throughout to encourage students to apply the techniques and build confidence. This new edition has been thoroughly revised in line with market feedback.

Retaining its student-friendly approach, Introduction to Econometrics has a comprehensive revision guide to all the essential statistical concepts needed to study econometrics, more Monte Carlo simulations than before and new summaries and non-technical introductions to more advanced topics at the end of chapters.

Online Resource Centre

For lecturers: - Instructor manuals for the text and data sets, detailing the exercises and their solutions - PowerPoint slides

For students: - Data sets - Study guide - Software manual - PowerPoint slides with explanations - Contact the author

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