Excel Crash Course

Wallstreetprep By Cliff on Sep 4, 2019

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Wallstreetprep - Excel Crash Course

Course Objective

We’ll start with the basics before we quickly introduce you to lesser known time-saving keyboard shortcuts and powerful Excel functions and features that you can immediately put to use on the job. The only way to learn Excel is by doing, so you’ll be completing Excel exercises every step of the way.

What You Will Learn

  • Accelerate the internalization of the key time-saving shortcuts via exercise-based internalization drills and video-driven guidance.
  • Learn how to incorporate and take advantage of the most popular and helpful Excel functions and table features for financial analysis.
  • Learn to quickly create macro-based shortcuts.
  • Build data tables and perform sensitivity analysis.
  • Enhance the presentation of financial and valuation models by adding forms and toggles to your spreadsheets.

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