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Vladimir Ribakov By Gene on Nov 30, 2018

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Vladimir Ribakov – SRS TrendRider

What It Says On The Website

The headline for this system is +100 Pips per trade and that the SRS Trend Rider system “with it’s Built-In Artificial Intelligence Can Turn Even A Newbie Into A Forex Trading Wizard In 24 Hours With A Simple Push Of A Button – Guaranteed!”. It will “make more Forex millionaires this year than the rest of the industry combined”.

The system combines “the strength of a sophisticated robot with a market tested 4 Step blueprint to produce a semi-automated strategy that simply cannot lose”. “Like watching the market with magic profit goggles” and a “Pip Butler who will manage your trade, protect your profit, and extract maximum pips from every engagement”.

SRS Trend Rider means you can “ignore the conflicting gibberish from so-call Forex experts” as it “does 95% of the work – All you need to do is push a button and profit”.

Vladimir provides some background on himself – “Lost 10,000 of my parents life savings”, “attended every seminar that I could afford”, and “read thousands of articles and devoured books from trading gurus”. He then “stumbled across a pattern in my trade logs that seemed too good to be true” as “luckily I had recorded every trade I made and the result” and created a “clear blueprint of what not to do while trading Forex”. The SRS Trend Rider evolved from this to deliver trades returning up to 100 pips and this enabled him to repay his parents 10,000. After 4 years refining during which time Vladimir has built a massive nest egg he now works full time trading his own account.

The system comprises 4 core components (all for use on the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform):

  • Indicator – The secret foundation of the system whose “accuracy will absolutely amaze you”, a jealously guarded secret for years. • Template – “Makes your trading decision simpler than picking a pair of socks to wear in the morning”. • Alert – Leaves you free to do whatever you want as the audible alert “will call you to your computer when a good opportunity presents itself”. • Trade Management Robot – A “fully trained and semi-automated Money management robot” to manage trades once you have confirmed entry.

The product comes with the usual Clickbank 60 day money back guarantee.

The Material

A 76 page manual, a FAQ’s document and a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) install file.

The manual is 76 pages long, the first half provides an introduction to Forex, MT4, installation and similar background information (as per the website) on Vladimir and the SRS Trend Rider system.

The manual then gets into the system Entry rules of which there are four, the first three are automatically handled by the MT4 Indicator, Template and Alert. These are mainly based on a 3 Moving average cross over system and the MT4 Alert is issued when the rules are met. It means that Rule 4 is the only one which requires discretion, once an alert has been issued.

Entry Rule 4 is Price action based on the current trend and is explained reasonably well over about half a dozen pages each for Long and Short entries.

Targets are specified as take 80% profit at 50% of Risk/Reward, thus take 80% profit at 20 pips if your Stop is 40 pips. Then the last part is left to ride until a change in trend. This can be done manually or automated by the SRS Trade Management Robot if using MT4 for your trading.

There are a few exceptions for Trade management but all in all, Entry, Stops and Exits are quite mechanical, 95% is suggested, we reckon 80-85% is more accurate.

The remainder of the manual covers Money management, some well illustrated examples and exceptions on when not to trade.

The System

Installation is simple, click on the MT4 Install file (provided), specify your MT4 directory, restart MT4, select your instrument, timeframe and attach the SRS Trend Rider MT4 template.

It is recommended to trade EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, USD/CAD with GBP/USD being the “best pair” to trade. Trading hours recommended are 05:00 – 18:00 GMT and the system can be used on all time-frames with the 5, 15 and 60 minute timeframes being recommended.

We decided to trade this system on the 1 hour time-frame between the hours of 06:00 and 18:00 UK Local time for GBP/USD as it meant we could trade the system alongside our existing Sniper Forex system. When trading the 1 hour time-frame the maximum Stop recommended is 100 pips.

For Entry we used the Alert and applied our own discretion as per the strategy (for Rule 4). We applied Stops as specified in the manual. For Targets we used the SRS Trade Management Robot. The latter basically means we took 80% of our profit at 50% Risk/Reward and let the other 20% of the trade run until the Exit criteria was met.

Can It Work

On the GBP/USD 1 hour time-frame between the hours of 05:00 – 18:00 UK Local time over a 2 month period we made a profit.

We had 14 trades, yes, less than 2 trades a week! Just 8 of these, 1 a week in effect, was a valid set-up. Risking 2% of our account on each trade and an average risk of 80 pips we ended up with a net 234 pips profit, or +6% over 2 months.

This is not a bad performance but the system just doesn’t trade frequently enough for our liking, thus it doesn’t catch as many moves as it, in theory, should.

We could modify this by trading more pairs or by moving to a lower time-frame, but that just doesn’t suit our trading style.

However, out of interest we did observe the 5 minute GBP/USD chart for reasonable periods of time. Trades were more frequent and also, it appeared more profitable, we cannot say for sure by how much as this more of a “let’s see” process. It did however mean being around the screen a lot and scalping for much fewer pips. But with the reduced Risk/Reward the results certainly appeared better than the 1 hour time-frame on the same instrument. For sure, it seemed more “exciting” than 1 trade per week on the higher timeframe.

This system does appear that is would be profitable for those with either a lot of patience (60 minute timeframe) or those interested in scalping the lower timeframe (5 minute). We are not quite so sure about the +100 pips per trade, Forex trading wizard or more Forex millionaires this year claims made on the website though!

As a note, the SRS Trade Management Robot is very handy and works very well if you trade using MT4. If you want to adopt the Trade management advised it does it all for you on auto-pilot!


We had no reason to contact support. Although they do send quite useful weekly updates out. These sometimes include their weekly trading journal, based on GBP/USD on the 5 minute chart. They also, on occasion, identify some longer term trading opportunities. All in all quite useful.



  • A reasonably mechanical strategy that appears to be profitable. 
  • Useful MT4 Trade management “robot” and support updates.


  • “Boring”, on the 60 minute timeframe across one instrument. 
  • Time consuming on the lower timeframes.

Do remember, your comments are important – If you have used or decide to use this system, please contribute to the community by reporting back your findings.

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