N.E.A.T. Selling

The Harris Consulting Group By Maxime on Sep 5, 2019

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The N.E.A.T. SellingTM  Courses Include:

  1. N.E.A.T. Selling Framework
  2. How Buying Decisions Are Made
  3. The Buyers' Journey
  4. The Respect Contract
  5. Rule of Reciprocity
  6. Pace & Tone
  7. Discovery and Objection Handling Strategies
  8. Surface Pains vs. Core Pains
  9. Open & Closed-Ended Questions
  10. Multiple Choice Questions
  11. Question Behind The Question
  12. Active Listening
  13. Psychological Mirroring
  14. Labeling
  15. Assigning Accountability to Your Prospects and Customers
  16. Break Up Emails

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