ACT For Beginners

Russ Harris By Dotory on Jan 1, 2020

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Russ Harris - ACT For Beginners

Course Modules

Week 1: Opening ACT – What’s It All About? 
Week 2: Drop The Struggle 
Week 3: Watch Your Thinking - The Art & Science of Cognitive Defusion 
Week 4: Do What Matters - Values and Committed Action 
Week 5: Open Up - Acceptance and Self-Compassion 
Week 6: Fluent and Flexible - The Dance of ACT

This action-packed and interactive 6-week course allows you total flexibility to learn whenever it suits you and access a whole range of powerful resources that simply aren’t available anywhere else. Between 2 to 3 hours of new content will be released, week-by-week, over a 6-week period (16 hours in total). Plus, on top of that, you’ll have an extra 4 weeks of access to the whole course, so you can watch all your favourite videos again (and if you’ve fallen behind due to sickness, or taking a vacation, or work commitments etc, this will give you plenty of time to catch up again).

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