The Field Of Vision

James Dalton By Ashish on Sep 6, 2019

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James Dalton - The Field of Vision (Video, No Workbook)

James DALTON Trading - The Field of Vision Video 4 DVD set

Market-generated information is what the Field of Vision video is all about. Market-generated information is the byproduct of the market's natural two-way auction process and it is conveyed through the Market Profile® graphic.

Jim Dalton will show you how to interpret market-generated information and help you develop a market understanding and confidence that enables you to rely on your own ability to trade the markets.

Everything Jim Dalton could share in a six and half hour video is included on these four DVDs.

Because of Jim's unique approach, this video engages the sophisticated trader and investor as well as those who are in the early stages of their trading careers; the Field of Vision content reinforces the concepts for those who have worked with Jim, while it also lays a foundation for those new to the process.

After learning about the Field of Vision approach we think you'll agree with what so many other traders have said after learning the material,

"You will never look at the markets the same way again."

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