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Dr. Gary Dayton By Temet on Mar 25, 2019
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Dr. Gary Dayton – Wyckoff Spring (tradingpsychologyedge.com)

“Masterfully informative!” Excellent!” “Phenomenal!” “Outstanding”  These are only a few of the comments from attendee – The Wyckoff Spring is a high quality trade set up for all markets and all time frames.  Favored by many successful traders, this trade set up has a high probability on the long side.  If you would like to have a highly reliable trade setup in your trading arsenal and want to learn the ins and outs of this choice set up, watch this recording of the webinar where you can learn when the Wyckoff Spring webinar.

Dr. Gary went into great, incisive detail as only he can on all of the details of this terrific trade.

In a 120-minute webinar devoted to one trade setup, he details:

Dr. Gary also provides additional tips on how to trade the Spring, including:

All of this for one trade setup

Dr. Gary is a Wyckoff expert and trading educator who teaches traders how to understand and read the market via the Wyckoff Method.  In this webinar, he explains the details, subtleties and hard won information only experience brings and tells all you ever wanted to know about Springs.

This 120-minute webinar on the Wyckoff Spring provides the access to the video recording as well as 51 pages of slides with charts examples.

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