Trade the Trend

Dr. Gary Dayton By Sean2705 on Jun 15, 2019

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Dr. Gary Payton – Trade the Trend

The Trend Is Your Friend … But Only When You Know How to Trade it

Over 4 hours teaching of trading the trend for bigger profits!

It’s no secret that trending markets are the ‘sweet-spot’ in trading. The biggest profits come from trends, but few traders know how to trade them. They jump the gun or get in way too late when the trend is nearly over. Even when a good entry is made, most get out too soon and miss the large profit potential.

What would it be like for you to clearly see the market early in the trend … to know where to enter … and to know where to take profit? Where would your confidence be if you know in advance that the trend was about to change – that you could really read this in your charts? How would you feel if you could do this with any market on any timeframe?

Well, all of this is very possible.

This special webinar will include:

  • Up and down trends
  • Things that indicate a trend is likely – important cues to pay attention to in advance of the market’s open
  • Confirming indications that the trend remains intact and that you shouldn’t exit prematurely – these are usually very clear and will help keep you in the trade
  • Disconfirming indications that signal a trend is likely coming to an end – these tell you it is time to lighten up on your position or exit entirely
  • Application of reading the waves during a trend
  • Exclusive: How to use the Weis Wave in trading a trend!
  • Important indications that signal a change in the trend – knowing these helps you prepare for the next trend
  • How to tell the difference between a pullback and a trend change
  • The best entry strategies – we will go over several
  • How to enter the trend early using a straightforward, ‘bread & butter’ trade setup
  • Where to exit
  • How to add to your position
  • Where to set stops
  • How to integrate higher time frames for a powerful trend trading system
  • Power trade setups in a trending market
  • And more.

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