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Bob Proctor - Paradigm Shift (06-2019)

How do you want to live?

Changing your paradigm is the only way to bridge the gap between how
you’re currently living and how you want to live.


A Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over
our habitual behavior.and almost all of our behavior is habitual.
Paradigms are a multitude of habits passed down from generation to
Paradigms are responsible for almost every single thing you have in your
life right now . causing you to live the same way you always have, day
after day, year after year, getting the same results – not realizing how
close you actually are to a breakthrough.
If your income today is much the same as it was two years ago, then it
will be the same two years from now if the paradigm doesn’t shift.


Let’s consider how Paradigms can appear in your everyday life.
Have you ever known someone who was painfully shy? Perhaps that’s you –
ever wonder how they got that way?
Or perhaps someone who is habitually angry it seems; upset at every turn
in life and unable to see the positive in any situation regardless of
its presence.
Maybe you know someone who has battled fluctuating weight for years,
decades even. They seem to be on track for a while, getting healthy and
dropping pounds yet they always seem to bounce back to where they once were.

Well, it’s all controlled by Paradigms, YOUR Paradigms.

And they can even affect your bank account, controlling what you believe
you can achieve financially without you even knowing it.
But the key to freeing yourself from these Paradigms, or mental
programming, is awareness and understanding of them. Couple that with a
little bit of faith and you’re on your way to real and true FREEDOM!
Mentally, financially, in your relationships, in every area of your life
Faith based on understanding is the true key to freedom – blind faith is
useless. The first bump in the road it’s gone.

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